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Advanced/continuation workshop 4

22 Feb

February 21, the 4th advanced/continuation workshop was held. The theme was Creole food. Since this kind of food has influences from all different parts of the world, the menu turned out to be higgledy-piggledy. The guys made potato-and zucchini fritters, served with lentil-and feta cheese paste, crayfish ceviche, grilled capsicum with goat cheese and finally chili-marinated Asian style lentils. The dessert consisted of a chocolate mousse with a taste of ginger, orange and coffee. This course was a complete success, one of the better ones every held. Next time, the last Advanced/continuation workshop for this group, a chef competition will take place.


Advanced/continuation workshop 3

18 Feb

Sunday February 14, the guys made a French fish soup, crepes with Norwegian mushroom/chanterelle stew, glace au four(baked Alaska) and other nice things. Just as usual, the food was Aaaaaaaaaawesome!

Advanced/continuation workshop 1&2

10 Feb

Two advanced worskhops have now passed. Three more to go!

Sunday February 1 the guys made sushi. They got to make a speciall roll where the surface was covered in Swedish lantchips.

Sunday February 7 they made meze, small dishes from the Middle East. During this workshops they tried how to deep- fry falafel.

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