Chef competition!

1 Apr

The leaders had bought three different baskets with ingredients; one basket for the starter, one for the main course and one for the dessert. When we decided what these baskets should contain, we certainly had thought of what the guys possible could make. But all the guys were extremely creative and created things we never could imagine.

At first we randomly divided the guys into groups. Group 1 – starter – consisted of Axel and Ivo, group 2 – main course – of Hjalmar and Lucas and Group 3 – dessert – of Samuel and Malte.

As a starter Axel and Ivo served the salat ”Mediterraneo” which consisted of crayfish, tomatoes, capsicum, carrots and lentils. The taste given by the basil, sambal oelek, olive oil and balsam vinegar gave it the mediterranean touch. Together with this they served a closed bruschetta and a small piece of bread with feta cheese cream on top. The dish was very good and the feta cheese cream made you think of Greece, the salat of France and the Bruschetta of Italy. They were done on time and their presentation of their dish was awesome.

As a main course, Hjalmar and Lukas made the dish ”Shtek en sten”. The main part of the dish were fritters made of feta cheese, potatoes, cumin, chili and carrots. This they served with a blackened herring breaded in digestive. Although the presentation lacked some relevant thinking, this group proved to be extremely creative.

When it was to eat the dessert, it  meant it was time to taste what Malte and Samuel had created. During the time limit of one hour, they had created a dessert that took your palates to heaven. They served a lovely Key Lime Pie with a oat/chocolate ball and a rasberry – and passionfruit mousse. They named their dish ”A summers day”, a very apt name for such a lovely and fresh dish. This dessert was very nice and well-done but not creative enough to win the competition.

Now we have given the guys an interest. They have realised that cooking is not boring, dangerous or exhausting. No, it is fun, creative, developing and sociable. The guys have reached a certain level, but now they have to proceed further – to a level where cooking is a natural part of their everyday life. A level where they spontaniously go in the kitchen because they really want to cook. All that is required is that you as a parent inspire and encourage them, just as my mom once did .

Because that is something they will value their rest of their life.


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