Bedouin casserole

30 Sep

Egypt, summer, 2004

Mom always had these crazy ideas when we were traveling.

After we just had been in Dahab, a village near the Saudi Arabian border, for a day or so, she had already gotten in touch some local. He suggested that we should ride camels far away into the desert and live there for three years – simply to try how is was to live as a bedouin. And of course mom thought this was a great Idea.. We were to leave the next morning already. Me and my sister had no choice but to go, even though we did not really knew where we were heading and what we were going to do there. But riding camels and scuba diving sounded fun of course.

We rode the camels for hours and hours. It was so hot outside. Finally we saw a camp far away in the desert, but right by the sea. From were we were and from the bumping camel back, it looked promising. As we slowly approached where we were to stay the next three nights, we realised it was not as great as we had hoped.

Of course, the environment was stunningly beautiful – the conrast between the barren desert and the viable ocean – but the ground was covered with camel shit and the camp looked like it was going to fall any time.

At sunset, the dolphins started to play and jump right by the shore. distant music from a bedouin far way filled the air,  the fire we had lit was sparkling and suddenly we had made the barren desert more alive than ever.

Time to eat. With no stove or anything, we had to do it just like they did in the stone age – use an open fire.

We had brought food from Dahab and in some way we came over some fresh fish in the desert..

With a camping knife we cut all the stuff and oven foil made it cookable. That night we created a dish I always remember. It was so simple and tasted so good. In many ways I would say that this was more than a dish – it was everything around us packaged in something we could taste. Everything mixed in what I today call “bedouin casserole”.

Bedouin casserole recipe

2 garlic cloves

1 lemon

5 fresh tomatoes

1 can of corn

3 potatoes

1 chili

white fish




fresh olives

olive oil

cumin (ground)

1. Chop the tomatoes, cut the potatoes into cirkles, chop the chili. Crush the garlic cloves

2. Heat up oil in a pan

3. Put the garlic cloves, cumin, chili and potato in the pan

4. Fry.. Then add the tomatoes

5. See to it that it becomes a sauce

6. Add the corn, the olives and the salt and pepper

7. Add the fish and let it cook till the fish is done. Serve!!



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