The smell of durian and the taste of reality – homecooking in the Malaysian countryside.

17 Oct

When my mom was in elementary school, the country of her dreams was Malaysia. After doing a project about it in third grade, she found you should visit this country for many reasons; the wildlife, the culture, the nature, but most of all: the food. Ever since that project she dreamed of going there, but it wasn’t until 2002 – now a single mom with two kids, one older than she first had been when she did her project – her dream came true.

I will never forget that summer. The taste of that summer never seems to disappear. Of all the countries I have visited, the Malaysian cuisine has been one of the best. Now you may wonder what actually defines the cuisine and my answer is that the only thing that defines it is diversity. With a history of trading, the cuisine is an array of food that ranges from everything from Portuguese food and Indian curries, to Chinese, Indonesian, Dutch food and food brought from all over the British Commonwealth. Naturally, this blend of countries well-known for their food – some with among the best cuisines in the world -, unite in Malaysia and becomes the very best.

I ate so much lovely food that trip so it should be hard to choose which was the best. But this is not the case. In the ceaseless vapour of good food memories, there is one particular experience that stands out. No, it is not a luxurious restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, nor a seafood dish on the paradise islands of the east coast, it is a mother cooking for her kids in what she called her kitchen in the Malaysian countryside.

To be continued…..


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