Four weeks in Tuscany. Four weeks in paradise

24 Oct

Just as my mother always wanted to go to Malaysia, I always wanted to go to Italy. In contrast to my mom, it was not a school project that was the source of my interest. In stead it was the stories of my godfather Johan. He always told me exciting stories about Italy, mostly about the food. Everytime he told me – the stories true or not – made me wanted to go more.

His wife Janna’s family has a house in Tuscany and as a result they have been going for years. Unlike my mother’s childhood dream about Malaysia, I did not have to get 20 years older and be a single parent with two kids in order for it to come true. The Easter 2006 I came along Johan, Janna and their son Pelle, on one of their many trips down south.

This was the part in my life when I grew more than ever and almost never could get full. As a result I could eat immense amounts, but staying only for a week , I feel I explored the surface of what Italy had to offer – I remember lovely pizza slices, grilled tunafish, a whole boiled octopus in lemon, chili, salt, red pepper and olive oil. This is a trip I always will remember. But it was nothing compared to my return trip three years later – a trip that has marked my taste buds for life.

Driving from south of Sweden through Europe was a culinary experience in itself, but maybe not in a good way.

Arriving late in the evening in Tuscany, I had a vague picture of what I was going to see the next morning. It was nothing like that. Going out on the pergola, an Italian terrace, one of the most beautiful views my cornea ever will registrate, struck me.

Their house is an old stone house situated in the village of Buriano in Tuscany. Buriano is a small village dating back to the etruscs, occupying the top of one of the countless forested hills rising over the Maremma. Buriano is peculiar in many ways, maybe mostly because of that the inhabitants seem as old as the city. It is a sleepy city where people notice if their neighbor has cut his nails and in today’s stressful society, I think this is one of those impenetrable fortresses that always will be the same, as the world outside slowly succumbs.

However, this was a sunny day. In my nose – the smell of rose, my eyes – sunflower, olive, wine fields and the ocean for miles, my feet on the ground – standing on a wistful history immense and profound. All these impressions coming to me at the same time, I knew the next four weeks here were going to be something extraordinary. But I could not even dream of to which extent.

Of all the food memories from this trip – ranging from everything from simple pizza slices and ice cream by the beach to being served “vegetarian” dishes containing lots of meat – there are four memories that stands out in particular.

Keep your eyes open for them….

To be continued….


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