Stories from Italy: Where is the pasta vongole? pt.1

7 Nov

From my trip to Italy four years earlier I had one extraordinary food memory; the taste of the Mediterranean Italy; lovely taste of garlic, taste enriching cooked Tuscan dry white wine, parsley, tasty, creamy olive oil, simplicity of salt and pepper and butter, the al dente pasta and of course, the taste of the ocean.

I am of course speaking about the Spaghetti alle Vongole.

One of my, Johan’s, Janna’s and Pelle’s favorite dishes all categories, we all knew this was a dish we had been longing for ever since and were most certain about that we had to have as soon as possible.

In the seafood paradise of Castilligione della Pescaia there are countless restaurants. Thus, it should not be hard to find a good pasta vongole, and certainly not to find a pasta vongole at all. As you understand we thought we would have to chose which pasta vongole to have, but reality told us something else.

As it turned out, we realized that the pasta vongole was harder to find than anyone could expect.


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