The Southernmost Swedish Ceviche part 1.

17 Nov

I have forgotten how many times I actually have been in the South part of Sweden called Skane, but it is at least 40 times.

Since I was born I have practically been going there a few times a year, visiting my grandmother, grandfather, my cousins in Lund and Malmoe – but mostly to escape Stockholm for my “extra family” Johan, Janna and Pelle… I have been visiting them at least two times a year, and during troubled teenage years and puberty, as much as three/four times a year.

They live in the southernmost part of Sweden, in the genuin harbour/fishing village of “Abbekas”. It is a beautiful, but small, village located between the cities of Ystad and Trelleborg.

This village is the total opposite to Stockholm – a nice place for fishing, swimming, boat-spotting and recreation during summer, other times of the year it is a place where you do nothing.

Not only do I love this place for the things mentioned above, it is also the place where I have had some of the most memorable food experiences of my life. This is one of them.

It is hard for me to desribe how much the extra family mean to me. I totally lack the words for it.

Abbekas is the place where I have gotten to do many things not allowed at home(videogames and TV… for example) and things I have not been able to do at home. It has been, and still is, an impenetrable fortress of well-being where trouble can not get in.

It somehow reminds me of the family farm in Norway – here I can go fishing, most of the food stuff in the village shop is local, their kitchen is amazing, they have a herb garden on their lawn and just as my uncles in Norway – there always is someone that takes me on exciting adventures and is there for me when no one else is.

I have many stories from the time spent here in my life. They are all peculiar in their different ways. But this one is special. This story is about fishing.

When I was younger, fishing was my life. For every birthday/christmas or any holiday that included presents, I wished for fishing equipment… If not, money so I could by fishing equipment. I always had great success in my fishing in Norway. I was, and still always am, the lucky one- particulary remember when I got eleven cods during fifteen minutes the day my grand grandmother turned 90 – but in Sweden it was the opposite, I never got anything.

Other than some perch and pike in the archipelago of Stockholm, the result of my fishing in Sweden almost always turned out dissapointing. This was the case for the fishing in Abbekas as well. I remember how I could sit by the pier for hours, hoping that something would eat the bait. The bubbles I saw, bubbling up from the bottom of the sea, I thought were bubbles from breathing fish. And of course, Johan always told me and convinced me it was. As I grew older I understood that was not the case. I thought the Swedish oceans were empty.

They say that patience is a fisherman’s best friend, but eventually I gave up the fishing in Abbekas.

It was not until the summer of 2010 I re-discovered how beautiful and TASTY fishing in Abbekas can be..


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