The epic key – the ALIEN sauces you need in order to be able to make EVERYTHING.

24 Nov

As I have heard, many of you are wondering what the sauces are I am using. To you, names  as “Hoi Sin sauces” and “Black bean garlic sauce” might sound like words in an ancient greek . But the fact is, these sauces are easy to find and easy to use.

When you have them, you will be able to make almost everything. I suggest that you, whether you are a student, grandmother, mother or kid, take your time to go and buy these sauces one day. Because, it is an investment that unfolds new tastes and the key to many of the recipes on this blog.

For those of you living in NYC, go to chinatown and 137 Hester street to Hong Kong market – the cheapest and best supermarket in town. They have tons of shelves with sauces and you might discover more than these particular sauces. They also have an insanely wide selection of vegetables, seafood,vegetarian food e.t.c. It is paradise. From now on, a new series will be published on this website, telling about one sauce a week – the history, ingredients, usage e.t.c. Soon we will also publish the”STUDENT SURVIVAL KIT”. KEEP YOU EYES OPEN!

The winning 2010 sauce team; from left to right; Sesame oil, KIM LEE Rice vinegar, LEE KUM KEE Black bean garlic sauce, LEE KUM KEE oyster sauce, Nhing Chi hoy soy bean paste,  Koon chun sauce factory HOI SIN SAUCE, and to the far left the legendary, epic, always winning sauce which is said to contain the fifth taste umami – SQUID BRAND FISH SAUCE.


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