Report from a workshop – creating a new generation take-out killers

2 Dec

The theme of this workshop was “Globalized – dinner with friends”

In the true youngNYChefs spirit the purpose of this very workshop was to show how easy and cheap it actually is to make really healthy food. It was an introduction, the first workshop out of several for the same group, to a world of new tastes and dishes. To open a new door to a world of food. Since the participants were people my age, a big part of this workshop was health, where I as the leader spoke much about why I chose those certain ingredients and how they are important to you. For example, the healthy coconut-milk in the soup, the iron-rich spinach and c-vitamin bomb white cabbage of the salad and how the drink is a healthy vitamin-rich energy boost, always a good substitute to coffe or soft drinks.

When the workshop started, the participants were divided into groups just as usual. One group focusing on the starter, another on the main course and the last one on the dessert. By the dining table, we all spoke about what we had cooked, how and why.

In order for the participants to be aware of all the different tastes pleasing our taste buds, a small amount of each spice and sauces, circulated around the table for observation and smelling. When smelling or tasting, it is much easier to distinguish all the fragrant flavours in the food – it is easier to tell which is which and what taste you really like or not.

In addition, much emphasis was on the look of the food – how to make it look more pretty and exclusive than it actually is. We spoke about colours, “accesories” and smells. It is important to know how to make food look pretty – both so other people appreciate it more, but also because you realize not much is required for homecooked food to look as good as at a fancy restaurant.

While eating, I told small stories about every dish – including why, how and when I created it. For instance, how the creamyness of the coconut soup once made my lactose intollerant godfather cry because it so much reminded him of cream,butter and milk he had been able to enjoy in childhood. I told about how the drink always was what my mom gave me in stead of soft drinks and she promised it was exactly the same thing. To sum it up, I already in the beginning nurture the idea of how closely food and feelings are related. Once again, food is so much more than the physical part in your mouth, it is stories, feelings, passion – it is simply life.

The conclusion from this workshop – just as many times before, I notice how it is the small details people have extra faith in after the workshops; such as how orange is an excellent substitute for lime in dressings and sauces, the magic of the fish sauce and simple things as how to chop an onion or garlic in the most effective way.

I think these discoveries are possible only because I during the workshops unite the processes of learning basic techniques and the creating, in stead of separating them as often is the case- telling people “the techniques come first and then we can start to talk about creating”.

Everything turned out way better than expected, except from the Key Lime pie where a language mistake changed the outcome a little. But all together, the food in combination with the company made this a almost mesmerizing experience I will never forget.

This was a wonderful workshop and I am really looking forward to continue the work with this group of aspiring young homecooks and take-out killers. And the cost? 6 $ each for this exclusive meal!!

You see pictures below.


Lightly cured cumin-marinated sesame-fried salmon over Asian salad with apple dressing.


Coconut/orange/saffron shrimp vegetable soup.

United States/Malaysia/India

Aunt Mabel’s key lime with exotic mango juice-infused fruit salad


Summer-fresh apple, lime, cinnamon and ginger drink


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