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9 Dec

On the one hand Vayu is a dreamer and on the other a miracle worker. An average Joe or Joanna looks into Vayu’s refrigerator and sees hardly any ingredient with which to make pasta, let alone whip up a delectable, diverse, and nutritious meal and dessert, sometimes in less than 30 minutes. The flavors on Vayu’s plates are so compelling that one tends to eat just the right amount, since he creates the kind of food that is so good that one feels satisfied upon its consumption, and, besides, not all that eager to continue eating elsewhere.

However, cooking is just one aspect of Vayu’s project.  He is equally preoccupied with communicating his passion to others through writing and teaching.  This blog is proof of how much Vayu seeks communion through revealing his most intimate experiences around food.  He is a young adult with a remarkable skill for “striking a match” to incite in those around him a desire to eat, to get to know food the way he does, and, of course, to create it themselves.

I would highly recommend Vayu as a cookery workshop leader, but I’d also recommend as a leader of all kinds of groups whose aims are to encourage young people to pursue their passions. Vayu is an exemplary model.


Jacqueline Loss, Professor


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