Yesterday’s workshop in New York City – How to cook a big meal in a small kitchen

27 Mar

Yesterday, I held a workshop for four people in New York City. The theme of the workshop was “Asian dream-dinner with friends” and the purpose was to show how easy and cheap it can be to actually prepare a full three-course meal for you friends – even though you live in New York with a super small kitchen. The menu featured classic youngNYChefs recipes and was as usual very Asian inspired.

As a starter, we made a salmon carpaccio(sushi grade salmon of course!) over baby arugula with a fruity but spicy ginger-apple-orange-mint- dressing. As a garnish, we used roasted pistachio nuts. This came out absolutely stunning; the softness of the salmon, the acidity of the dressing, the crisp arugula and the crunchy salty roasted pistachio came together and created an amazing, almost mesmerizing starter.

This starter was followed by a wonderful Malaysia/Spain inspired monkfish/salmon vegetable coconut curry featuring saffron, orange and mint.

As a dessert – the legendary mango/passion fruit infused exotic fruit salad with anise and mint served with the on-the-minute raspberry ice cream. Fresh, simple, delicious, pleasing.

To drink there was the “Norwegian mountain breeze” water – a water infused with lime, mint, ginger, apple and, surprisingly, some cinnamon.


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