The Sunday Dinners. A short but concise story.

29 Mar

The Sunday dinners.

The smell of saffron filled my nostrils. My mouth was watering. I could not wait any longer. So hungry.

Told myself to be patient; I knew it was worth waiting for.

Ah, a bite. I closed my eyes.

Mmm, so good. The tangy flavor of the orange and lemon, softness of coconut, mastication of shrimp, fish and vegetables; all together the unmistakable taste of an Indian Curry. I opened my eyes and looked around me. There were the people I loved.

I smiled. How lovely that it was Sunday again.

The word that describes my background best is diversity. Coming from four different countries (Kenya, Cuba, India and Norway) has not always been easy. There were always cultural differences and traditions to adapt to; the table manor in Norway was surely not the same as in India; nor did my Kenyan aunt have the same picture of the world as my Cuban grandfather. Despite these differences, there was one thing that united them, a tradition they all had in common; the way they gathered around the dinner table every Sunday. It was through this tradition I got to know these countries. Every Sunday my family would gather friends at our place in Stockholm to share a dinner. We would cook together, talking about life.  Mom would cook the Sunday curries of Kenya and India, Dad; Cuban Frioles and Norwegian fishballs.

When visiting my family in their respective countries, this tradition was something I always recognized. I remember sitting by my grandfathers table in his sketchy house in Habana, my aunts table in London and with my uncles at the family farm in Norway.

2010. Looking out through the window; Manhattan’s rising skyline.

Looking beside me; right, left. New friends sitting by my table.

We are laughing and are just about to eat.

Everything so different, but still the same.

How lovely it is Sunday again.

Those Sunday dinners will stick with me forever.


One Response to “The Sunday Dinners. A short but concise story.”

  1. Murti Maini March 29, 2011 at 6:38 PM #

    pleasant memories

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