Report from a dinner workshop. “Norwasian”.

5 Apr

The theme of Saturday’s workshop was “Norwasian” (A crossover between Norway and Asia) and the purpose was to inspire. to open the door to a whole new world of exciting ingredients and cooking. My personal favorite of this workshop was the mango/avocado red cabbage slaw with toasted sesame seeds and citrus/soy dressing. Also, I liked the flavor of the creamy coconut green curry potato/carrot soup; how it tasted very soft and mild at first… and altered to become spicy and full of taste. It was a lovely workshop with lots of lovely people. Below are some pics and a description of the menu! All photos taken by great photographer Larissa Zhou.

“Our culinary adventure begins in Norway, at my family farm where I have spent every summer growing up.
From here we get the ingredients; fish, vegetable, herbs and some of the spices.
From here we get the basic cooking skills, and the knowledge about old techniques.
We are taught old classic Norwegian cooking techniques and by my aunt we are served a potato/carrot soup. It is tasteless just like lot of the Nowegian food. We want to reinvent it, we want to travel the world. We travel to Asia.
Somewhere in Thailand we get the spices and make the soup complete. The journey has started; so has our meal.

As we travel through the menu, we also travel through the world. In our search for an entree, we leave Thailand and on our way eastwards to India, we pick up an interesting recipe of what to do with the cabbage they so often mistreat back home in Norway. It is a salad that reminds us of the freshness of the Norwegian climate; fresh and  fragrant – it is mango avocado cabbage salad with cilantro, toasted sesame seeds and citrus-soy dressing.

In Northern India we meet my Grandma Avinash. We learn how to use the shrimps and vegetables we brought from Norway; we make a wonderful Indian vegetable curry with sesame-seared shrimp. Accompanying this dish is the tasty yellow rice with cumin, chili and lots of spices. The mango-avocado salad, the curry, the shrimps and the rice come together and create an amazing entree. We are far from home now. The rice makes us realize that there are more things to do with rice than rice pudding. It is good, but we miss home. Slowly we start our return trip. With us we have a lot of fruits and spices.

We are close to the final destination in both our meal and our trip. Entering Scandinavia from west, we pass by Sweden and pick up a Swedish recipe of Key Lime pie with which we serve an exotic mango-juice infused fruit salad with the mint from the farm. When we reach the farm my aunt welcomes us with an on-the-minute raspberry ice cream made of her home made sour cream, local honey and the frozen raspberries we hand picked last summer.

It has been an exciting trip and adventure, but as they say: there is no place like home.

Although Norway sometimes has been absent, there is one thing, one part of Norway, we always have carried with us:the freshness of the Norwegian mountain breeze: to imbibe we serve a water infused with apple, ginger, lime, mint and cinnamon.




Roasted nuts with home-made spice blend




Norwegian seaman’s carrot potato soup with a touch of his voyage to Asia; creamy potato/carrot soup with coconut, ginger and lime




Vegetable curry with sesame/chili seared shrimp



Indian yellow rice


Mango/Avocado/cilantro cabbage salad


Key lime pie goes to Sweden


Exotic mango/mint infused fruit salad


On the minute raspberry ice cream


Norwegian mountain breeze – incredibly fresh mint/ginger/apple/lime water

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