Report from a workshop. Brunch – brunchin’ around the world

8 Apr

Saturday’s dinner workshop at Harvard was followed by a brunch workshop on Sunday. Not as many people could make it to this class, but the food turned out amazing and there was a lot more to eat :)… For this workshop, I had developed a menu that featured very easy, exotic and interesting brunch recipes – recipes that can make the first meal of the day the easiest best one. The meal was served “family style”, meaning that everything was put on the table so the participants could pick and choose between the dishes and hence  discover totally new combinations of tastes. For example, pairing up the sweet yet sourly fresh melon salsa with the salty garlic and basil feta cheese cream, created a fragrant all-inclusive taste experience pleasuring your taste buds, taking this brunch to a whole new level of enjoyment. The menu also comprised a lovely almond/feta cheese basil pesto, bruschetta on sour dough bread, balsamico-caramelized roasted eggplant, honeydew melon salsa w cilantro, spring onion and lemon, wonderful kiwi-banana-orange smoothie with ginger, coconut and cinnamon. And last, but not least, “gino” – Swedish dessert; banana,kiwi, strawberries in halves of oranges with grated white chocolate in the oven … served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.. And the LEGENDARY Grandma Olaug’s coconut crepes with nutella and roasted hazelnuts. These pancakes were my favorite item on the menu; I loved the texture of the shredded coconut, the taste of the coconut milk and, since they were made in a cast iron skillet, the surface and texture of the pancakes in whole. Good job, Lauren!

As usual: a wonderful workshop with wonderful people. I am always surprised – although I should be used to it now – of what an amazingly social event cooking is. Great way to meet, a reason to start a conversation … Or even ask someone out for a date? Haha.


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