Report from a workshop. NYC (not so)Swedish Saturday.

14 Apr

The morning pancake experiment session was followed by a more savory workshop in the evening. Just like the other workshop it was set up in my small Brooklyn kitchen. Four people attended this workshop (two of them came all the way from Sweden) and the focus was on, just as usual, how to prepare a big meal in a small kitchen. Before cooking and prepping started, we went to the super market where I showed them around and offered a little guided tour in order for the participants to get a deeper understanding of how to cook the kind of food that was on the menu. The menu comprised almost the same items as at the dinner workshop at Harvard last weekend; “Norwasian” – but with small changes and variation. In stead of making sesame-seared shrimp and add in the curry, we decided to go for red snapper and slow cook it together with the curry. The curry in itself was more Malaysian inspired than last time; I had travelled a little bit East culinary-wise when creating the menu, more saffron and orange was added together with some coconut milk to make it more creamy. The red cabbage slaw accompanying this taste-explosion was as fragrant and pleasing as usual. So was the Indian yellow rice, now with brown basmati rice in stead of regular white jasmine rice. I will surely go for this in the future ; it has a lovely texture, some kind of resistance that reminds you of what rice is.

In general, this workshop was as wonderful as usual. We shared experiences and stories, recipes and ideas and we all realized, like my friend said in the end of the evening:

“wow. what a wonderfully sociable experience cooking is. Three days ago I was in Stockholm, Sweden, cooking with my mom, and now I am here, in a cozy apartment in New York, doing the same thing with you”

Completely right. A year ago I was in high school in Sweden holding cookery workshops for young boys, but very uncertain about what I wanted to do with my life. No I am here, in the city of dreams, where I have met the most inspiring people ever, creating and doing things I never could imagine.

This year has been the best year in my life.

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