Report from a workshop. Pancake experimenting.

14 Apr

The weekend was very hectic – a total of three workshops were scheduled to fit in to two days. Two on Saturday in NYC (held in my small Brooklyn kitchen) and one in Fairfield, Connecticut on Sunday.

The first workshop was set up as a brunch workshop “power-style”; a quick lesson in how to make a specific recipe. The dish of the day was pancakes. The pancake might be as ubiquitous as the Pizza slice in New York, but in my kitchen it has enjoyed a real renaissance.

We were five people that gathered in my kitchen and tried to develop the perfect pancake/crepe. Only using organic ingredients from local farms, we added a little this and a little of that and slowly redefined the ostensibly humble creation of a pancake. In stead making recognizable versions such as oatmeal pancakes, apple pancakes or regular crepes, out creativity came to life in some wonderful coconut/lemon pancakes with key ingredients of  coconut milk, shredded coconut and served with slow-roasted hazelnuts, belgian home made hazelnut chocolate cream and three twins organic natural vanilla ice cream.

I could not believe it when I tasted them. They were beyond comprehension. Or at least, that was my visceral reaction. But slowly I realized how the flavors interacted. The creamy taste of tropical coconut milk, the texture of the shredded coconut meat, the organic butter, the tangy peel of the lemon… all coming together in a perfectly thin pancake served with the slow-roasted hazelnuts, the chocolate cream and the ice cream.

This was one hell of a workshop!

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