Dreams and reality

20 May

…”I had dreamed and executed my vision, in a dream world however, but now it was time to cope with reality. Suddenly words like “strategics”, “quantities” and “logistics” poured over me like a bucket of ice water and I had to wake up. The dream was not as beautiful at it seemed at first and I felt it almost was altering to become a bad dream, even a nightmare. But reality is reality and by the end of the day that is where we live. During my meeting with the project managers and planners I was overwhelmed by their negative response. Or, at least, I thought it to be negative.

As I started thinking I realized they were not negative, they were realists – and – I was a dreamer.
It was a clash of ideas of two different realms, forced into a process of merging.
It was the clash of the titans – two polarized ways of thinking coming together to create something new.
After a while I realized how I should go about these strategic people, how I should go about reality; you have to convince them, make them believe what you believe.
You have to invite them to your dream to give them an insight in the chain of thought. When they believe in what you believe, harmony will, just like  two counterpointing notes in music, occur and success will knock on your door.

But. Even though you have to enter reality some time, never be limited by it in when you are dreaming…”

Vayu Maini Rekdal


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