Scandinavian Summer – drawing inspiration from nature

24 Jul

As I have grown older I have become more aware of the importance of using local ingredients in my cooking.
Spending every summer at our family farm in Norway, using local ingredients is something that has always been close to my heart, but I have not realized the importance of it until now.

To me, Scandinavian food never has been really compelling – simply because it is too plain. Now I have realized that it is the purity, the simplicity, that makes scandinavian food what it is. And that purity is beautiful. In Scandinavian food, the ingredients, often local, is the main character and fragrant spices are replaced with garden herbs.
This knowledge has allowed me to create some of the best dishes ever; only using the fantastic resources from the Swedish and Norwegian nature my cooking has improved dramatically this summer.

Nature it is my biggest inspiration nowadays and these pictures depict my deep relationship to it.






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