To cook with other people

25 Jul

As a chef, there is nothing more inspiring than to cook with people from all the corners of the world; be it a stubborn old man from a farm in Norway or a family in one of the most desolate parts of Egypt, there is always something new to learn.

Cooking is my biggest passion in life and sharing a meal a day has been always been a groundston​e in my family. I was raised in a home where cooking was an essential part of the family culture and as a kid I grew to love food but as a result I became comfortabl​e in that I did not have to cook it myself.
But eventually​, as I reached an appropriat​e age, I had to contribute​. (see:my story)
What first seemed like something forcefully​ imposed by my parents – me having to cook – grew to the biggest passion of my life.

In August last year I moved to New York to pursue this passion. After working in a few restaurant​s I realized that for me the true magic with food is not to cook FOR other people, it’s to cook WITH other people.


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