Daily inspiration: Swedish collection by Sebastian Linden

8 Aug

In an earlier post, I wrote about the simplicity and purity that characterizes Scandinavian food.

As many of you may know, the simplicity, however, is not limited to food – it applies to a lot of things Scandinavian ,  most prominently design and fashion. Acne, Fillipa K, Whyred, you name it – they are all brands that, with their mutual love of simplicity, have made it big both home and abroad.

But it does not stop there. A new brand has entered the market. And it is here to stay.

Swedish collection (http://www.swedishcollection.se/) epitomizes the Scandinavian simplicity and takes it to a new level. With its sleek, incredibly well-designed men’s shorts, Swedish collection fills a gap in the fashion world. A colorful collection, made of one hundred percent natural cotton and designed for ultimate comfort – I can testify – my friend Sebastian Linden has created a brand with a clear goal: to sell the perfect men’s shorts.

Sebastian Linden is one of the few young entrepreneurs I know from back home. At 19 years of age he has accomplished, among other things, running a t-shirt brand in Spain and working as a photographer. Similar to me, he does everything himself – in Swedish Collection, for example, designing the webpage, designing the shorts, building the webpage, and, most impressive of all, art-directing and executing the lookbook photoshoot with famous Swedish super model Oscar Spendrup.

Like many young entrepreneurs, Sebastian is incredibly inspiring.

I plead to support him!

Become a fan on facebook. visit the webpage

And buy a pair of shorts! (they are only about 50 dollars!!!)



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