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Every meal has a story. Celebrate yours

30 Nov



30 Nov

Fish tacos

Fried Mahi Mahi, cilantro, chipotle mayo, green cabbage, tomato salsa


29 Nov

Alaskan king crab simmered in coconut milk with morning glory, eggplant, homemade green curry paste!


29 Nov

Sandwich of the day

29 Nov

Big News, Big Update

26 Nov

Sorry for the slow update…

Here is what I have been up to lately

Given the opportunity by an amazing branding agency, I becaume responsible for reinventing and re-conceptualizing the menu of NY Lower East Side institution Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop which has been serving loyal customers giant sandwiches to a tiny price for 15 years. As the place experienced both a visual and physical makeover, I added whole new features such as breakfast, homemade all-natural sodas, and kick-ass sandwiches. Still in progress…

Check it out (and stop by if you are in New York):

This summer, threw several dinner parties in Stockholm, Sweden and got to meet one of my all-time role models: Swedish entrepreneur and Michellin-star winning chef Melker Andersson. During our one hour long conversation at his newly opened restaurant Villa Godthem — one of 12 venues owned by Melker — we talked about sustainability, health, the restaurant business, and the importance of educating the next generation in cooking.

Moved to Minnesota, enrolling at liberal arts institution Carleton College

Shortly after arriving, I threw a dinner party/cookout/music night for all the international freshman students. Together with people from countries like Swaziland, Romania and Korea, I cooked an amazing meal that removed any borders that existed between us. It was great to see students from all across the globe sitting together enjoying a great meal and music all the way into the early hours the next day.


Started the only strictly cooking club on campus “FireBellies,” together with two friends. The club has over 40 members and throws different events on a regular basis, aiming to promote understanding of different cultures and backgrounds — both socioeconomic and ethnic — through the universal language of food.

Below is a picture from an eight-course dinner/cookout held on World Food Day, October 14th. Photo courtesy: Calista Ostenso.

Was one of nine selected to participate in Bon Appetit foundation’s annual sustainable chef competition at Carleton College. Creating a three-course multicultural dinner using a secret ingredient IronChef-style, my team “Victorious Secret” – featuring chef Daniel Watrin, Tori Ostenso and Alexandra Price – ended second place. Although I wish the students had more to say about the menu, it was a lot of fun. Essentially, the competition was a prestige one between Carleton dining hall chefs, instead of a student-focused competition as was announced.

Working in the LDC East dining hall at Carleton, serving food to hungry Carls four days a week, and cooking sometimes.

Held cooking classes in the community for the Multicultural cooking club run by non-profit organization GrowingUpHealthy. The cooking classes aim to build bridges between the ethnic minorities and majorities in Northfield.

Was responsible for catering for a big event for St.Olaf and Carleton College.

Currently developing a youth empowerment program through cooking for teenage boys in the community. Working on a five-step program focusing on healthy and sustainable cooking, similar to the very successful program I ran in Stockholm, Sweden, I am applying for a grant from the HCI.

Also, I am working on a proposal for the Davis Project For Peace, hoping to receive a $10.000 grant for a project called Cooking Without Borders; a program aiming to build bridges and promote understanding of different cultures through the universal language of food.

Currently in Los Angeles, California, enjoying some great food… Cooking “the pain away” after the two last incredibly hectic and both emotionally and physically exhausting weeks of school…

Soon leaving for a three-week cooking inspiration trip to Southern India with my family.

More to come…

Back In Business…

25 Nov

Finally I had the chance to cook for myself.

Check the website for updates… a lot has happened since..

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