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What’s Vayu up to these days?

24 Nov
To follow Vayu’s work at Carleton College, please check out his Cooking organization, Firebellies, which is one of Carleton’s largest and most active clubs. Updates can be found on the facebook page and the website,

Carleton is out for winter break. After a great term with Firebellies, Vayu is heading to UCLA for five weeks of research on flavor extraction and infusions with plants.

Expect some great cooking updates soon!

24 Nov

Some thoughts..


The day before school was out for winter break, I headed for my trimesterly Sayles trip to finish up my dining dollars. With around five dining dollars left to spend, I purchased a Naked juice and a yoghurt parfait, thus spending the majority of my leftover money. As always, however, a small amount (around $0.70) remained unspent, simply because it could not buy me anything. As I knew this occurred to me and my fellow peers every term, I found myself thinking:  was there any way this money could be spent?

Many students run out of dining dollars during the term, but some students have a significant amount of dining dollars left at the end of the term. While these students, like me, often try to spend the money on last-minute items, they are often left with a small amount they cannot spend in the cafeteria. Unlike Schillers, dining dollars…

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24 Nov



Middle School Cooking Project


The program will be very similar to one Vayu started in Stockholm, Sweden, and later continued in New York City.  In both cities, Vayu took groups of teenage boys on a cooking adventure that lasted from two weeks to ten weeks. The huge success could probably be ascribed to the unique concept and philosophy that provide the groundwork for the workshops.

Vayu teaches cooking as an art, nurturing an environment where  the children are the artists and the ingredients their working material. You cannot define art for an artist. As a result, the workshops are not focused on strict adherence to recipes. Instead, participants are guided to go step-by step in order to define and get familiar with the art they are creating. Building on his own experience as a chef and once a young boy learning how to cook, Vayu — with help from…

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