The beauty of an egg

3 Dec

There is no such thing as a perfectly fried egg.

However, I did not realize this until recently. I had a strong-egg aversion for years, mostly due to over-consumption in early childhood. It took a special experience to start appreciating eggs again. More specifically, it took a fried egg with mushrooms, served to me at Can Jubany this past summer outside Barcelona.

The egg, which came from the restaurant’s own free-range chickens, was just perfectly cooked; soft and hard, smooth and crispy. Served with sauteed chantarelles, this egg provided a great culinary experience which helped me see the light again. The egg yolk was the sun, and the white, its clouds. After the meal, I entered the kitchen to learn how to make it. The technique is a secret that remains within me, providing pleasure in moments I desire. Sunday morning was such a moment.

A beautiful egg is subtle and profound; it’s complexity in simplicity.





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