UCLA morning

6 Dec




One Response to “UCLA morning”

  1. Peter J. Balaam December 6, 2012 at 3:32 PM #

    Morning, Vayu! Thanks for the pictures. Yes– Los Angeles is, among other things!, a fantastical landscape of diverse, amazing, and outsized flora (plantlife). I love how around the most non-descript apartment building you’ll see quietly growing there by the parking lot some astonishing 8′ tall fern or a bottle-brush plant dripping with nectar and crawling with bees. Like you ascending from hell into heaven at the Sta Monica farmer’s market, we nordlander realize how starved our eyes are for plants when transported to the botanical diversity of temperate and tropical climates. Goethe went to Italy. New Englanders in the 19th century went to the Amazon. Colonialist Swedes owned land in Kenya. But even for us, LA remains full of surprises like this– heavy-laden avocado trees, mango trees and kumquats. Prickly-pear.

    Keep your eyes open. pb

    ps– if you get some time to kill and can get to Culver City (south of Santa Monica), you should check out The Museum of Jurassic Technology / 9341 Venice Blvd. / http://www.mjt.org

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