We offer healthy, exotic and inspiring cookery workshops for young people – an unique concept brought directly from Stockholm, Sweden. Say bye to take-out guy with youngNYChefs!

Feel excluded? Feel too old? Cheer up, anyone can attend!


Newly started in NYC – bringing the successful, unique and very appreciated concept from Stockholm, Sweden to the greatest take-out city of mankind. Time for revolution! Everyone can become great cooks. We get people started in an early age.

Our mission with the cookery workshops is to in an unique way teach young people about healthy, easy and inspiring. cooking in order develop the participants own skills and confidence in the kitchen. The purpose with the webpage is to inspire people with exciting recipies and interesting stories, but also to inform about our work.We want to teach people how to create, rather than to how to measure things correctly. We want to teach people that food is just so much more than the food in your mouth. it has a story, it is art – it is simply life.

The location where the workshop is held you choose, preferbly it is at someones home.

In contrast to other cooking classes for young people, the leader of these workshops is a young and experienced – a great advantage when it comes to understanding and encouraging young people. The ideal participants are young boys in the age 11-14. Instinctively, boys in this age may see the hardest to work with, but the truth tells a completely different story. I remember how this age was a struggle between feeling grown up at the same time as I was feeling young. I remember how the cooking could stimulate both these feelings. One other thing that makes this age easy to work with is that new impressions naturally is a part of everyday life. Of course, students and other groups of young people as as good!

The key to developing the kids skills is that they cook by themselves and the leader works as a coach, encouraging, inspiring and assisting them on their journey to become confident and great selfgoing chefs. On their journey I guide them through an exciting and exotic new world of  spices, vegetables, sauces and other ingredients. Thus, the food often has an Indian, East- and South East Asian relation, but influenses from the Mediterranean and Sweden are not unusal. The food is vegetarian, sometimes with seafood and fish.

To sum it all up, I would say that literally cooking is an art. The kids are the artists and the ingredients is their working material. Most important of all is that you can not define art for an artist. As a result,the importance during the workshops does not lie on that the kids follow the recipes strictly. In stead it is important that the kids taste the food and add more or less of ingredients in order to learn to define the art they art creating.

The road to success is not strict and straight, not black or white, it is a winding road with ups and downs on which they encounter a world they have never done before.


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