1 Apr

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Firebellies is honored to have an entire page in the “welcome class of 2017” Carleton admissions brochure! Now, 500 freshmen will  know about us even before coming to Carleton!


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Firebellies wins Public Health Grant for Middle School Cooking Project!

21 Mar

Dear Foodies,

It is my pleasure to announce that Firebellies has been awarded a $400 grant to fund the future of our Middle School Cooking Project.

The grant, which is awarded by the organization Healthy Rice County, is part of a state-wide health improvement program (SHIP) run by the Minnesota Department of Health.  SHIP addresses the top three causes of preventable illness and death in the United States: tobacco use, physical inactivity and poor nutrition. The work of SHIP occurs in four areas including Schools, Worksites, Health Care Facilities, and Communities.

We are so glad to be able to continue this project!



27 Jan

Vayu cooking it up in rural minnesota!

The Northfield Kitchen


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25 Jan


The Northfield Kitchen

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Vayu’s Cooking Club, Firebellies, is becoming increasingly recognized for its community involvement.


Read how:



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31 Dec

Vayu’s christmas cooking

The Northfield Kitchen


mushroom toast: cremini mushrooms in cream sauce,mustard lettuce, leek, aged grana


Smoked trout salad: mini apples, scallion, mustard, lemon




homemade pizza, all from scratch. kalamata-basil heirloom tomato sauce, grilled vegetables, buffalo mozzarella, walnut wild arugula salad with lemon vinaigrette


spiced coconut milk brown rice risotto, 3-day marinated and grilled tofu, mango achar, stir-fried baby bokchoi


wild arugula salad with toasted walnuts, massaged cabbage, lemon vinagrette


olollaberry fro-yo with fresh local persimmon

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23 Dec

Vayu causing mischief in the kitchen..

The Northfield Kitchen


I guess a beauty was born instead of the world going under.
Three shades of green, pear carpaccio: upland watercress, grilled ramps, roasted cali walnuts, buddha’s hand lemon vinaigrette, chevre

The beauty of locality, captured in one dish



Frezzhhh. The entree. Fresh pasta, xamfaina with aquavit shrimp broth and char-grilled eggplant, wild arugula, seared shrimp, aged manchego


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Vayu awarded $300 for middle school cooking project in Northfield

19 Dec

r Vayu:

Congratulations! The Northfield Healthy Community Initiative (HCI) Board met and approved your application for an Investing in Youth grant. The Board awarded you up to $300 for use towards the Young Northfield Chefs project.

17 Dec

Great food. Soon in a town near you..

The Northfield Kitchen












homemade rosemary rolls

crawfish bouillabaisse: orange, tarragon aioli, beet greens
maple-roasted acorn: cardamom, homemade pecan ice cream, browned honey butter



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16 Dec


The Northfield Kitchen


gah, food. why are you always so good to me?
Another trip to a Los Angeles farmers’ market.
salmon, cured and grilled
puree on california chestnuts, lavender
green beans, beet greens, sauteed forest mushrooms
radishes: mustard, honey, meyer lemon

rosemary red bliss potatoes, twice roasted





inspired by a mushroom toast at Gjelina in L.A. Truly delicious brunch.



Spinach and mushroom omelette

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PRESS RELEASE: A (real) food baby is born. Introducing The Northfield Kitchen by Carleton Chef Vayu Maini Rekdal

15 Dec

The Northfield Kitchen - Northfield, MN


Dear Friends,

I want to introduce to you my latest project, The Northfield Kitchen, a unique addition to the sprawling local food community.

The Northfield Kitchen aims to spread the love of food and cooking through hands-on cooking classes, food activities and cooking events, teaching people how to fully use and experience the local bounty, with a global touch. With a clear focus on sustainability and of course deliciousness, the Northfield Kitchen offers a great opportunity for amateur cooks, college students and food fanatics alike to explore the fabulous and joyful world of food and cooking.

About Vayu

At an early age Vayu, now a Carleton College biology major from Stockholm, Sweden, started following his Indian mom in the kitchen, observing and exploring her fragrant and exciting culinary endeavors. Even though Vayu’s very first dish was a complete disaster, his passion grew exponentially. Soon he started embarking on his own food adventures. Starting with simple pasta dishes and evolving into a set of complex concoctions that feature a striking balance between textures and flavors, Vayu’s personal style of cooking is best described as local cuisine with a global twist.

At 20 years of age, Vayu boasts an impressive list of experiences. Before moving to New York upon graduation from high school, Vayu ran the company MatRatt in Stockholm, Sweden, empowering and inspiring youth through cooking. In New York, Vayu not only expanded his project to the cyber world, starting the blog youngNYChefs, but also worked for chef Marcus Samuelsson and reinvented the menu of one of the city’s most famous sandwich venues, Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop. In addition, he has worked at world famous chef Ferran Adria’s gastronomic research center Fundacion Alicia in Spain, and done food science research at UCLA. Currently at Carleton, Vayu is the founder and president of Firebellies, the Carleton culinary club. As the leader of one of Carleton’s largest and most active clubs, Vayu holds free weekly cooking events at Carleton and in the community. Needless to say, Vayu prides himself as the most passionate foodie on the Carleton campus.

You can read more about The Northfield Kitchen on the website, http://northfieldkitchen.wordpress.com/

Become a fan on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/NorthfieldKitchen?ref=ts&fref=ts


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