On this page, you will find what people say about Vayu and his work.


“During two semesters, Vayu Maini Rekdal held, planned and structured cookery workshops for my kids and seven of my friends kids aged 11-14.

Vayu planned and structured the workshops in line with us parents – something we all found very ambitious and brilliant. The thought behind the workshops was not only that the kids should learn how to cook in a creative and fun way, it was also to learn about the stories behind the food, ingredients and food cultures. This knowledge together with the emphasis on the table as a social gathering point and commitment of the participants to make a setting for the common meal gave a result we as parents could not even dream of to expect.

The workshops were held in a Café space where no one of the parents were present. Actually, Vayu would not let us because the kids should be free in their creation, without worrying about reactions and comments from parents.

It was Vayu and his three assistants that planned every menu and organized the kids into different groups. Me and all the other parents felt that everything was so well planned. Nothing was left to chance, the courses were thoroughly followed up with pictures and menus which were sent to the parents as well as the kids after every workshop. The cafe was left shiny everytime.

After two semesters with the brilliant, passionate and inspiring Vayu, we do not wish for anything else but that he could continue his work with our kids. Not only have we been served homecooked dinners, our kids have gotten priceless knowledge within cooking, food cultures and the social part that comes with it. I would strongly recommend Vayu, not only to hold these certain workshops, but to everything that involves planning, coordination, structuring, taking action and personal contact with young and old human beings.”

Helena Seth
Content mother & chief of sideprogramming at Royal Dramatic Theatre Sweden

“On the one hand Vayu is a dreamer and on the other a miracle worker. An average Joe or Joanna looks into Vayu’s refrigerator and sees hardly any ingredient with which to make pasta, let alone whip up a delectable, diverse, and nutritious meal and dessert, sometimes in less than 30 minutes. The flavors on Vayu’s plates are so compelling that one tends to eat just the right amount, since he creates the kind of food that is so good that one feels satisfied upon its consumption, and, besides, not all that eager to continue eating elsewhere.

However, cooking is just one aspect of Vayu’s project.  He is equally preoccupied with communicating his passion to others through writing and teaching.  This blog is proof of how much Vayu seeks communion through revealing his most intimate experiences around food.  He is a young adult with a remarkable skill for “striking a match” to incite in those around him a desire to eat, to get to know food the way he does, and, of course, to create it themselves.

I would highly recommend Vayu as a cookery workshop leader, but I’d also recommend as a leader of all kinds of groups whose aims are to encourage young people to pursue their passions. Vayu is an exemplary model.”

Jacqueline Loss, Professor at Uconn.


“A great idea is nothing if it isn’t realized. That’s where Vayu is different. There’s billions of dreamers out threre but Vayu makes it happen. That’s what youngNYChefs is all about, realizing a great idea to learn young people to cook and experience the joy of good healthy food. Growing up on simple basic food I have become a food freak and a Michelin Star Collector. But Vayu keeps on surprising me with his innovative new dishes, mixing European haute cuisine with traditional Indian, Asian and American recipes. As the true artist Vayu knows that the most important thing is working with top quality ingrediences, creating lighter dishes with a modern and more modest presentations, Vayu simplifies a complex cuisine and makes it fun and accessible to all. Vayu inspires people to create and learn more about the fantastic world of great food. Hat’s off.”

Erik Eger,

director and writer that last year ate six guide michelin stars in ten hours.


“Vayu is a very intelligent young man with great visions. What puts him above the rest is that he has a sparkling creativity that is hard to find elsewhere. Just as in my work, this creativity comes to life in interesting ideas and concepts – but, unlike me, most of all in his food.

Vayu is an excellent cook and, as the foodie I am, I always look forward to eating his food. Even though it has been a while since I had dinner at his place, I still remember the fragrant dishes Vayu cooked last time. My tastebuds enjoyed a wonderful sage-fried shrimp dish with Swedish potato fritters and a lovely Asian salad..

To sum it all up; Vayu is not only an excellent cook – he is a creative and sociable team-player who is highly skilled at interacting with people. I would surely recommend him.”

Paul Malmstrom,

foodie, musician and owner of agency of the year 2009 Mother New York

“This is the best thing I have ever given to my kid. No doubt. Vayu tought them things I wish I had time for.”


42 year old content mother and artist from Stockholm

“Hope I could go to workshops every day. Too bad Vayu has left the country.”

Mark, 14 year old boy and homecook


I attended ten of the workshops with six of my friends. I learned and got to taste more than I could dream of.

Since Vayu sent out all the recipes after the workshops, I made everything at home.  I treated my family for everything from the Indian yellow rice, key lime pie and bruschetta to the Thai mussel soup,falafel and Norwegian crepes. Everyone loved it.

Before, my mom and her friends always had dinner parties and made the food for us. Now, we make the food and have dinner parties together. Last time we made the key lime pie… But, as usual we forgot the eggs haha.

Vayu is a great teacher and the workshops meant a lot to me. Now I know that food is not only about the food in your mouth – it is a social event, it is stories, passion, – it is simply life.

Ivo, 14 year old participant very passionate about food


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