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tututuuu..INVITATION TO Spreads n’ Breads BRUNCH WORKSHOP

14 Feb

Hey guys.


Prematurely we want to wish you happy valentines and we hope your term is going well. We wish you will cook a three course dinner for your special friend tomorrow night. Please do it. For us.

We also want to invite you the no.1 MEGA SUPER ULTIMATE NANO MILLI MEGA COOKING EVENT tu-tututututu(sound) on SATURDAY!

The event is called spreads n breads and evolves around the concept of an European brunch. We have reached out to Culinary house and this will be a joint FireBellies/Culinary house event. Yes, Culinary house could not hide from the cooking radar anymore! Our stealth drone attack forced them to surrender and – by collaborating with us – live up to their obligations.

So… here’s the deal.

Let’s meet and make three different kick ass breads as well a vast arrange of spreads from different parts of the world, as well as cool, healthy drinks and more. Take the chance to learn some useful, quick and delicious recipes that you will never forget. In fact, you will probably use them for the rest of your life.

For those of you interested in COOKING and LEARNING: We will start at 11am at Culinary house. We will make all the food and hopefully we are done by 1PM, which is when the event opens to the public. The public is welcome to pop by and taste our creations until we close around 2:30-3pm. Tell your friends to come!! SPREAD THE WORD!

If you just want to stop by, please just stop by. But do so between 1-3pm.

If you want to cook, email me before Friday night. Remember, this is the chance of your life. You will learn how to make coconut crepes, feta cheese-almond pesto, white bean hummus, french baugette, among other things. And you will get the recipes after the workshop.
There are 10 cooking spots. Again, we meet at 11am at JEWETT HOUSE now on SATURDAY.



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